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Deutsche Telekom & Commerzbank Partner to Digitise Supply Chains

Deutsche Telekom & Commerzbank Partner to Digitise Supply Chains

(4 August 2022 – Germany) Deutsche Telekom and Commerzbank are collaborating on the development of fully automated supply chains with integrated financial services in the industrial sector.

Corporate clients profit from the digital combination of physical and financial supply chains thanks to:

  • More efficient, transparent and more resilient supply paths
  • Intelligent warehouse management
  • Improved access to liquidity
  • Integrated automated financial services
  • Cost reductions

The current geopolitical and economic situation has revealed the weakness of supply chains. Many supply paths are complex, static, lacking in transparency and involve numerous manual stages. They are designed to function when all the framework conditions remain constant and predictable. Error-proneness is high, as in the majority of cases physical and financial supply chains are not linked to one another digitally.

East & Partners latest Global Insight Report ‘Digitising and Greening Global Supply Chains’ features exclusive insight into corporate treasurers approach to supply chain digitisation, technology used to improve resilience and efficiency, functionality needed yet do not have access to and most prominent digital supply chain providers.

“Supply chains will change rapidly with digital networking and integrated payments. Together with T-Systems we are working on scalable solutions so that our customers can make their complex supply chains such that these are more efficient, resilient and productive” said Commerzbank Chief Operating Officer, Jörg Oliveri del Castillo-Schulz.

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