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Singapore Hedge Fund Eyeing Trade Finance

Singapore Hedge Fund Eyeing Trade Finance

(7 April 2021 – Singapore) TradeFlow Capital Management, a Singapore hedge fund, has partnered with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to start a new fund for small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) carrying out physical commodity trades.

ICC TradeFlow Capital will be one of the solutions offered through ICC TradeNow, a global ICC campaign to accelerate the provision of trade finance to SMEs.

The $42 million fund’s typical transaction size is as low as $200,000, yet it sees a funding gap of $1.5 trillion for small firms in the sector. TradeFlow financed more than 300 transactions last year, according to a December update.

“Tradeflow is proud to partner with ICC on this ambitious and much needed fund for small businesses. By leveraging the combined strengths of ICC and Tradeflow, ICC Tradeflow Capital has the potential to enable many billions of dollars of SME commodity transactions each year,” said TradeFlow Capital Management CEO and CIO Tom James.

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