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HSBC Step Up on Fraud Awareness for Business Clients

HSBC Step Up on Fraud Awareness for Business Clients

(7 June 2021 – United Kingdom) HSBC United Kingdom (UK) are the first high street bank to launch an application-based platform to increase fraud awareness and protection for business clients.

Data reveals that approximately £140 billion per year is lost because of fraud in the UK private sector  according to the National Crime Agency.  HSBC has taken the initiative to help businesses protect themselves against emerging threats by developing a new platform. 

The platform will arm businesses with  resources and information to bulletproof processes and systems against fraudulent crime spurred by the pandemic. The bank will work closely with corporates to ensure the platform addresses all areas of vulnerability.

“It is our absolute priority to protect our customers from unscrupulous criminals who target businesses for their own financial gain, and we constantly update and evolve our processes to stop these criminals and prevent customers falling victim to scams” commented HSBC UK Head of Small Business Banking, Peter McIntyre

“The feedback from customers who have already used the application has been really positive which led us to the decision to make this available to all businesses” commented HSBC UK Business Innovation Manager, Martyn Pointer

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