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MasterCard Acquire Danish Open Banking FinTech

MasterCard Acquire Danish Open Banking FinTech

(8 September 2021 – Europe) MasterCard has agreed to purchase of the opening banking Danish Financial Technology (FinTech) company ‘Aiia’ with the objective of expanding its open banking reach.

Aiia sits among leading financial technology providers who bridge the interbank connectivity gap with a single Application Programming Interface (API). 

Businesses and individuals can now use their data to find better bespoke financial services solution through open banking in a safe and secure way using Aiia.  This service gives MasterCard a plateau to support European open banking efforts and address local client needs.  

“As open banking continues to ignite innovation, we’re committed to providing a unique set of technology platforms, data connectivity and infrastructure combined with data privacy and security principles. This will help FinTechs and financial institutions innovate, gather feedback and scale faster and more effectively than ever to power smarter, more meaningful experiences ” commented MasterCard Chief Product Officer, Craig Vosburg

“For the past decade, we have worked to build Aiia into a leading and quality-driven open banking platform, which has onboarded hundreds of banks and FinTechs onto safe and secure open banking rails. We have worked closely alongside banks, customers and local authorities to ensure that our APIs show the true effect of open banking” commented Aiia CEO, Rune Mai.

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