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Online banking valued by commuters

Online banking valued by commuters

(15 April 2010 – Europe) Research conducted by Deutsche Bank has indicated that the further that people have to travel to get to work, the more likely they are to use online banking. The survey revealed that only 30 percent of people who live in immediate proximity of their workplace use the internet to do their banking.

This share rises to over 50 percent among commuters who have to travel further than 50 km to their place of work.

Deutsche Bank said on their website that the link is quickly identifiable, commuting takes time that has to be made up elsewhere and for consumers making fewer visits to the bank is an option.

The survey also showed that commuters’ desire for personal advice is at least as strong as that of other bank customers. However, commuters required solutions that take into account both the limited time at their disposal and their distance from commercial centres, the bank said.
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