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Asian Business FX Markets

Asian Business Foreign Exchange Markets Program

The Asian Business Foreign Exchange Markets program provides industry wide rankings of banks and market participants across pivotal industry benchmarks. A bi-annual research program, it measures industry specific market share, wallet share, mind share and customer satisfaction levels in addition to Foreign Exchange (FX) volume analysis across four key Asian markets.

The research program is an early response to address underlying market demand for tracking and monitoring data on the MSME segment banking markets in Asia.

East & Partners’ demand-side analysis program details the relative performance, behavior and product engagement in FX and cross border payments markets, and is quantified across a list of customer satisfaction, product engagement and provider performance metrics. Research includes commentaries on the Spot FX, Forward FX and FX Option markets.

This is a powerful reporting service for FX providers looking to understand the Asian market. The program is based on primary research conducted on business FX customers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

The report is cut by the following business segmentations:

Micro Businesses
Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Lower Corporate

US$ 1 – 5 million annual turnover
US$ 5 – 20 million annual turnover
US$20 – 100 million annual turnover

For more information on this report, or to request a full report profile please contact:

In Kai Khor
Head Client Services
t: +65 6579 0533


Forward FX Product Penetration
% of Total


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