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Greening Global Supply Chains - Go Green or Get Left Behind

Greening Global Supply Chains - Go Green or Get Left Behind

(18 July 2022 – Global) Corporates are voting with their feet when it comes to supply chain sustainability new East & Partners research reveals.

East & Partners latest Global Insight Report “Digitising and Greening Global Supply Chains” outlines the enormous opportunity for both incumbent Banks and challengers to offer a clear point of distinction based on their unique environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials.

The incentive is more than simply retaining or acquiring new commercial banking customers. Corporate treasurers are voting with their feet where their Bank cannot support their ambitious sustainable financing implementation plans across their own operations and up and down their complex cross border supply chain partners.

The report not only details the level of progress by country but also key barriers to implementation across internal and external factors, ranking each response among those corporates currently implementing ESG policies (N = 277).

Internal issues include the absence of a defined strategic plan, lack of board support or simply too busy responding to COVID.

External issues include the challenging regulatory framework, public relations concerns and lack of shareholder/investor demand while a lack of stringent definitions/agreed measures and poor supply chain partner compliance also complicates integration and adoption of sustainability principles.

The voice of the customer insights provide a clear line of sight across differing funding methods, key trade and supply chain finance (SCF) providers, domestic and international volumes and the challenges and opportunities faced by the largest corporates in funding their global supply chain needs amid crippling supply chain disruptions and geopolitical threats.

The latest 2022 analysis also provides powerful comparisons against 2017 equivalents captured as part of the Funding a Globalised Supply Chain report.

The analysis is based on primary research executed by East & Partners with the Top 100 revenue ranked corporates in each of eight key global markets targeted for interview. All interviewees reported an active import and/or export function with operations headquartered in Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, and USA.

How many large global corporates have implemented an ESG policy within their supply chain in the last 12 months?

How many corporates are planning to?

What proportion are being left behind?

And most importantly who is winning the green “mind share” race? Which bank captures the most brand awareness for supply chain funding sustainability?

Contact East & Partners now for research access.

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