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How Will the Baltimore Bridge Collapse Impact Global Trade?

How Will the Baltimore Bridge Collapse Impact Global Trade?

(27 March 2024 – United States) After the cargo ship Dali struck Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge, how well founded are concerns towards another spate of damaging regional and global supply chain disruptions?

Global Trade’s Tim Jay reports that while the incident may temporarily affect US supply chains and the Maryland economy, in particular vehicle and agricultural machinery imports and coal exports, its impact on global trade movements is anticipated to be negligible. The majority of containerized shipments can be rerouted to other nearby ports such as Wilmington, Philadelphia, and New Jersey.

“There could be potential disruptions to coal prices in India, a top export destination for coal shipped from Baltimore. Container xChange warns of potential congestion and delays at nearby ports due to redirected vessel traffic, which could affect the timely delivery of goods and lead to inventory shortages” Global Trade Magazine Author Tim Jay stated.

“The bridge collapse has highlighted the importance of Baltimore’s port as an economic hub, supporting thousands of jobs and businesses in the region. The disruption could have ripple effects on the local economy, including job losses and reduced business activity. As emergency responders work to recover the missing construction workers, the incident serves as a reminder of the risks associated with maritime transportation and infrastructure vulnerabilities.”

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