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The importance of knowing your customers

The importance of knowing your customers

(13 January 2020 – Global) ‘Supply Chain Finance’ refers to receivables finance, supplier payment terms, working capital finance, distribution/network finance, factoring, and payables finance, depending on who are you talking to.

The difference is evident not just between banks and their business customers but between businesses themselves, with no one set definition adhered to.

This breakdown in communication and language is not limited to trade finance and highlights the importance of knowing your customers and target markets and the language they speak.

The definition challenges around Supply Chain Finance have been uncovered as part of East & Partners “anytime question” platform in which clients can place proprietary questions into East & Partners’ global interviewing platform on an anytime basis, for any market, under either one-off, ad hoc or contract arrangements.

This platform enables clients to speak directly with corporates, putting hard facts and data to a business case, finesse your product offering, monitor KPIs or identify your optimal target market.

The platform’s research and reporting cycle is monthly and covers developed and emerging global markets twelve times a year including:

Asia Pacific                                                     The Americas

            Australia                                                          Argentina

            China                                                              Brazil

            Hong Kong                                                      Canada

            India                                                                USA

            Japan                                                 Europe/Middle East

            Korea                                                              France

            New Zealand                                                  Germany

            Singapore                                                       Saudi

Africa                                                                          Spain

            Kenya                                                              UAE

            Nigeria                                                            UK

            South Africa                                   

Continue the conversation around how we can help your business with this unique, quick, flexible and robust platform, get in touch with us now

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