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VibePay Launch Voice-Activated Payments in Europe

VibePay Launch Voice-Activated Payments in Europe

(10 September 2021 – Europe) VibePay now enables clients to make payments through voice recognition technology directly and instantly from one account to another without fees.

The first of its kind, the company has been focused on developing innovative next generation payments through opening banking capabilities.  This ‘Siri’ type solution is a step towards VibePay ambition of becoming a market leading payment provider throughout Europe.

By leveraging open banking capabilities, VibePay aims to transform how businesses and individuals interact with payments and thus increase the flow of money with limited friction. The launch of this product precedes the company’s mega launch of VibePay Pro which will help sellers and buyers interact in new ways.

“We are always listening to our users, whether they are business or consumers and believe transactions should be brought to life with conversations and actionable tools. As we move a step closer to launching VibePay Pro, we are excited about our journey in transforming payments for our community across Europe” commented VibePay CEO, Luke Massie

“This first of its kind feature highlights another significant step in the evolution of payments in Europe. It highlights our commitment to matching the quality of services provided by the likes of WeChat, CashApp, Alipay and Venmo globally” he also added. 

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