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Neobank ‘Up’ More Than a Digital Testing Ground – Bendigo & Adelaide

Neobank ‘Up’ More Than a Digital Testing Ground – Bendigo & Adelaide

(11 September 2020 – Australia) Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is positioning its Neobank ‘Up’ as a testbed for digital technologies and innovation with broader applications for the group.

Up was launched in 2018 as a collaboration between Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and Ferocia. Bendigo & Adelaide Bank and the Neobank share a digital team, with Up increasingly functioning as a type of digital testing ground for Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

Areas of dual focus include the implementation of Open Banking standards, real time data streaming, application programming interface (API) gateways, a new cloud data platform and actively simplifying and modernising the underlying core banking platforms.

“We see our work with Up as a huge opportunity to accelerate a lot of what we're doing on our digital agenda at Bendigo” Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Chief Transformation Officer, Ryan Brosnahan said.

“The same team that builds Up is the same team that also builds our digital channels so we're getting that real benefit of having the same team learning from things they're doing at Up, learning in terms of what customers actually like and what's working and what's not working, and that gives us the ability to rapidly deploy that into our digital channels as well” Mr Brosnahan added.

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