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The Relationship Management Gap

A fast growth Australian regional bank engaged East to deliver a diagnostic map of business customer expectations and experiences against the Bank’s internal Relationship Manager (RM) / Account Executive teams’ behaviour and provide recommendations on performance enhancement strategies. This involved East interrogating the firm’s existing customer behavioural and engagement data based on the client’s market segmentations across 14 different customer variables and supplementing this with a custom research sweep across a natural sample of 1,300 of its existing non-Institutional segment customers. The firm concurrently ran a series of private one-on-one exploratory discussions with 125 of the client Bank’s RMs nationally to be build a set of behavioural metrics capable of comparison with the customer analysis. Powerful change recommendations flowed from this work, which East assisted with implementing, enabling to Bank to lift its average product cross-sell across its targets customers segments by 48 percent in year one.

Iron Ore and Coal Export Volumes: Australia

A leading investment bank building a profile in the resources sector engaged East & Partners to create a forward looking index forecasting quarterly export volumes of iron ore and coal from Australian ports. East made contact with the relevant officers at exporting ports and, in each case, obtained current quarterly export volumes in addition to forecast volumes for the upcoming quarter on a confidential basis. These were aggregated to create forward forecasts for iron ore, thermal coal and coking volumes, powerful intelligence for the bank which aimed to position itself as a thought leader and voice of authority in the resources sector.

White Label Payments Market Entry Scoping

A Big Four Australian bank mandated East to both explore and scope demand in Asia for white labelling opportunities for its payments platform and help guide the deployment of business strategy to capitalise on any opportunities uncovered. East executed exploratory discussions with some 112 domestic and local pan-regional banks across 8 Asian country markets, reviewing their existing payments and acquiring service propositions, business models, technology platforms and growth plans. The resulting market entry scoping analysis identified 13 immediate opportunities for East’s client bank to add value and help enhance the performance of partner businesses. East then acted as intermediary for the development of these partnership opportunities which now total five white label agreements generating annualised revenues of US$118m

Global Supply Chain. Offshore investment by SME’s: Australia

A Federal Government agency with responsibility for the export sector engaged East to research the establishment of offshore facilities by Australian SME exporters. Using its extensive database of businesses East identified a total enterprise population of more than 27,000 companies, approaching nearly 3000 of them to complete just under 500 extensive interviews. East devised the questionnaire in collaboration with the client, gaining detailed information on the location of the offshore facilities, their purpose, their cost and the methods of funding. The research also identified a next wave of SMEs with plans to establish offshore facilities. East’s report to the client contained not only quantitative data on the SMEs, their facilities and their plans, but a detailed analysis of this little researched subject accompanied by a set of key recommendations for future action.

NZD Barometer: New Zealand

A leading New Zealand bank wanted to increase its share of the FX trading market and engaged East for a sentiment driven index of importer and exporter FX forecasts. Each quarter, East interviewed just under 400 NZ trading businesses across three market segment sizes, asking them their forecasts for the NZD rate against the USD rate for the next quarter. A core questionnaire was used each time, including hedging intentions by product, to deliver trend data, while a number of “questions of the moment” were included particular to each survey round. The quarterly index positioned the bank as the voice of authority on FX and importer/exporter sentiment and helped drive product engagement with business customers.

Trade Finance Index: Australia

A global bank was seeking to re-establish its credentials in trade finance in the Australian market. The bank engaged East to create a quarterly trade finance index with core reporting around metrics such as forecast import and export volumes, trading markets and currency engagement. There were also “questions of the moment” driven by current events, some of which were used to drive media engagement and others which were used for internal intelligence by the bank. East assisted with the index launch, creating media collateral for the client and presenting to the media alongside the client’s chosen spokespeople. East also conducted internal briefings for sales and product teams within the bank, re-cutting the data at the client’s request to deliver insights the bank could use in conversations with its trade customers.


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