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Corporate Islamic Markets Program

Corporate Islamic Banking Markets


This unique competitive analysis on customer demand and bank performance in the Corporate Islamic banking markets covers Malaysia and Indonesia and over 90% of total demand for corporate banking relationships, services and products. The research also delivers detailed data analysis on bank-by-bank positioning such as:

Sharia Market Share and Competitive Positioning
Wallet Share, Mind Share, Market Drivers and Futures
Islamic finance product penetration & growth
Customer Satisfaction and Service Factor Importance
Sharia complaint engagement/solutions

The research program interviews more than 1000 corporates of all sizes across Indonesia and Malaysia, and delivers market share, wallet share and mind share data in addition to customers satisfaction ratings across 10 product and service attributes.


For more information on this report or to organise a complimentary consultation please contact:


In Kai Khor

Head of Client Services
t: +65 6579 0533




Sharia Compliant Solution Penetration


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