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Optimising the Regional Treasury Centre Offering

Optimising the Regional Treasury Centre Offering

East & Partners has undertaken a granular and detailed view of the global Regional Treasury Centre market to provide clients with an evidence and insight-based overview of the subject.

This report aims to shed light on the competitive ranking of RTC locations, the drivers behind the choice of location and provider, forecast growth in RTC locations, the number of accounts and currencies managed by RTCs, the importance of tax minimisation, corporate ROIs and mind share across RTC service providers.

The goal behind this report is to identify and guide clients, including providers of treasury services, regulatory authorities, central banks and inbound investment agencies to areas of opportunity within the global market.

Using a structured questionnaire East & Partners directly interviewed the CFOs and Treasurers of 649 of the Top 100 corporates in each of seven countries, Australia, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom and the USA, with an even mix across MNCs and large domestic enterprises. A very defined population of the largest 700 corporates across these countries. All interviews were conducted with the individual responsible for the RTC function within the corporate.


About the report
Location Location Location
Attracting the RTC
Top Attributes in an RTC Provider
Winning the Battle for RTC Mind Share
Account, Currencies and Pooling
Is Tax Management the Elephant in the Room?
RTC Benefits and Challenges
Detailed Data Tables
     Regional Treasury Centre Locations Used
     Planning to Implement Additional RTCs in Next 12 Months
     Expected Location of Planned Additional RTCs
     RTC Location Overall Satisfaction Ratings
     Most Important Attributes for RTC Location
     Outsourcing All or Part of RTC Operations
     Most Important Attributes in RTC Provider
     Primary Transaction Bank Treasury/RTC Usage
     Key Benefits of Operating an RTC
     Number of Transaction Accounts Managed Through RTC
     Number of Currencies Managed Through RTC
     Account Pooling Frequency
     Importance of Tax Minimisation
     Key RTC Return on Investment Measures
     Biggest RTC Management Challenges
     RTC Provider Mind Share









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