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Financial Technology and the Corporate

Financial Technology and the Corporate

East & Partners’ suite of market analysis programs provide clients with a detailed view of key market and financier performance measures across all business banking products. These programs have been in-market for many years and cover multiple geographies using large scale quantitative, primary research with businesses in excess of A$1million annual revenue. To complement these multi-client research programs East & Partners undertook a more focussed study into emerging financial technology in corporate banking, covering aspects such as current use of non-bank fintechs, regtech, fintech driven churn and areas of opportunities for FIs.


This report is based on primary research conducted by East & Partners in the 4th calendar quarter of 2017. A total of 737 Top 800 global corporates have been involved, with the individuals responsible for their firms’ business banking relationship(s) directly interviewed by East & Partners. The top 100 revenue ranked corporates in each of the eight global markets were targeted for interview. The global coverage includes Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom and USA. This report delivers outcomes from this unique and original analysis of large corporate attitudes, behaviours and outlooks towards financial technology.



About the report
Financial Technology in Corporate Banking
Leaders and Laggards: What markets are leading the way?
     93 percent of large Singapore-based corporates use a non-bank fintech provider
     Equity investments big among Asia corporates
Opportunities and Barriers
     Risk, compliance and regtech
     Counterparty risk and other barriers
If corporates could talk to their banks
     What do businesses want?
The positives of digitisation outweigh the negatives
Detailed Data Tables
     Proportion of New Business Investment Allocated to FinTech Development
     Role of FinTech Companies Over Next 5 Years
     Areas of Improvement through Technology
     Business Banking Needs Currently met by Non-Bank FinTech Providers
     Trust in FinTech providers (including Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) for TB/Cash Management
     Key Regulatory / Compliance Needs best Addressed by RegTech
     Biggest Barriers/Hurdles for FinTech Companies in Commercial Banking
     Interest in Non-Operational Equity Investment
     Is FinTech making it Easier to Run your Business?
     Negatively Impacted Business Elements due to FinTech/Digitisation
     Mind Share in Global FinTech Brands
     Most Important FinTech Technologies
     Customer Churn due to New Fintech Solutions
     Are Banks Keeping up with New FinTech Innovations?
     Country with the Greatest FinTech Innovations









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