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Transaction Banking

Institutional Transaction Banking

East & Partners Institutional Transaction Banking program provides high quality market intelligence and detailed competitive positioning statistics based on a near consensus sample of Australia’s Top 500 enterprises by revenue (annual turnover greater than A$725 million). Research respondents holding primary responsibility for the business’ banking relationships, commonly group treasurer or CFO, are interviewed on a direct basis using a proprietary interview questionnaire.


Clients utilise the research extensively for application in account management, business development, customer retention and strategy formulation. The program includes in-depth analyses of primary and secondary transaction banking market share by bank, wallet share by product line, product engagement, customer satisfaction ratings, operational and service attributes, relationship perceptions, mind share analytics and customer churn rates.


Institutional clients are distinctively relationship driven, evidenced by comparatively lower customer switching rates than mid-market and SME segments. Customer drivers are also strongly service orientated. The single more important improvement wanted in Transaction Banking in this highly competitive segment is a better understanding of client’s unique operational business needs and improved understanding of specific industry characteristics.


The Big Four majors continue to improve customer wallet share for crucial Cash Management and payment processing product lines, however international competitors such as HSBC and JPMorgan secure the greatest amount of customer volumes and prevent ‘leakage’ to secondary providers for Cross Border Payments and Full Service International Transactional products and services.


Significant variance in overall operational satisfaction ratings by banks exists, with settlement performance reliability and high quality transaction execution rated as the most important factors. Despite the high level of importance linked to operational excellence, CFOs report considerable dissatisfaction with settlement performance. Bank’s online offerings, in particular customer facing websites accessed for general business support and helpdesk queries, are also rated poorly.


In addition to the core multi-client content of the program, clients have the opportunity to insert exclusive proprietary questions into each biannual interview sweep, using the ongoing research as a means of both adding valuable supplementary material to their use of the service and in guiding the generation of timely tactical information solutions.






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