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Bank’s credit rating not important to Asia’s corporate customers

Bank’s credit rating not important to Asia’s corporate customers

(Asia) - In a landmark analysis of the region’s Transaction Banking markets earlier this year, industry consultants East & Partners identified the top 3 service issues for any banker as:

  • Response times on queries

  • Settlement performance

  • Electronic service delivery

Just as interesting were the least 3 important service attributes identified by CFOs in 845 of the region’s Top 900 corporates outside Japan:

  • Usefulness of bank’s website

  • Bank’s credit rating

  • Reputation / name of bank
Importance Ratings of Service Attributed
  Average Rating Reported
1 — 2 — 3 — 4 — 5

(high)                      (low)
Transaction Processing Speed 1.39
Quality of Transaction Execution 1.16
Settlement Performance 1.14
Quality of Support Documentation 1.70
Professional Competence 1.55
Electronic Service Delivery 1.15
Response Times on Queries 1.11
Effectiveness of Problem Resolution 1.40
Understanding of Customer’s Business 1.17
Value for Money 1.45
Innovation 1.79
Competitiveness 1.22
Knowledge of Customer’s Industry 1.30
Reputation / Name of Bank 1.95
Credit Rating of Bank 2.28
General Professionalism 1.58
Being Proactive in Dealings with Customer 1.66
Social Interaction 1.83
Usefulness of Transaction Bank’s Website 2.44
Interest in Customer’s Business 1.80
Transaction Bank’s Account Officer 1.87
Frequency of Contact with Bank’s Senior Management 1.50
Quality of Contact with Bank’s Senior Management 1.32
Transactions Bank’s Account Management Practices 1.25
Quality of Overall Advice from Transaction Bank 1.33
Quality of Overall Service Delivery from Transaction Bank 1.16
Quality of Electronic Banking Help Desk 1.19

East & Partners Pty Ltd
2002 Asia Transaction Banking Markets
Market Share and Customer Satisfaction Service

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