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Global East Analyst Meeting Insights - Q3 2023

Global East Analyst Meeting Insights - Q3 2023

(11 August 2023 – Global) East’s analyst meeting summary provides a unique insight into emerging research, analysis and client thought leadership trends for 2023 and beyond.

As fieldwork ramps up in a multiple global markets for upcoming Trade & Supply Chain, Cash & Payments and Business FX service releases, several valuable areas for further exploration and research are emerging:


The evolving role of the Relationship team/Manager

  • What do CFOs really need? Where is advice and guidance deficient and are product specialists preferred over traditional RMs?

Customer acquisition versus Wallet Share and retention

  • Correlation between customer churn and wallet share
  • Quality vs quantity in terms of commercial clients – which is better for Banks? What is the tipping point for declining satisfaction when servicing a larger client base? Are providers limiting their growth by focusing only on existing clients and shunning new client acquisition?

Advocacy in business banking

  • Accurately defining, quantifying and leveraging customers preparedness to recommend their Bank and/or RM
  • Is NPS an accurate and valuable reflection in commercial banking?
  • How does intention translate into conversion?
  • Do commercial clients care about NPS ratings or is it for internal KPI measuring and therefor executive bonusing only?

Sustainability across onboarding

  • Where are corporates experiencing real pressure on progressing their sustainability agenda? Is it stemming from client, regulators, the boardroom or media?

Funding the new economy

  • eCommerce, embedded finance, digital wallets - implications for treasury teams

Market sizing

  • Defining the “size of the pie” in opaque areas of business banking including Trade and Supply Chain Finance, Asset Finance and Cash Management
  • Which industry, country, segment is growing at a faster rate?
  • Where is sustainable growth coming from now vs 5 years time?

Keeping a finger on the pulse of CFOs and treasurers in alignment with East’s global banking and financial services clients strategic product and service development provides a fascinating insight into the “pull and push” dynamic at play in commercial banking.

Voice of the business customer insights are accessible “wherever and whenever” via East’s On-Demand proprietary research offering. Going to field at the end of August, ask CFOs and Treasurers any question, in any market with a rapid turnaround on voice of the customer insights within two weeks.

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