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Heritage unveils flagship branch with new approach to design and technology

Heritage unveils flagship branch with new approach to design and technology

(6 July 2015 – Australia) Heritage Bank has unveiled a flagship branch on the Gold Coast that features a radical new approach to technology, design and layout – plus a library of books that customers can browse through and borrow.

Heritage unveiled its totally revamped branch in the Robina Town Centre in Queensland, featuring a design approach that will become the prototype for future Heritage branches.

Chief executive John Minz said the branch eliminated the traditional row of tellers behind a counter and moved to an open plan layout, with staff using tablet devices to serve customers throughout the branch.

Staff will also use electronic cash recyclers that automate both deposits and withdrawals of cash, rather than manually counting out notes from a cash draw.

The open plan layout features multiple meeting spaces, with digital signage and displays, plus a “self serve” area with a smart ATM and other technology.

The ATM accepts cash deposits and credits the amount straight into a customer’s account.

It also accepts cheques which are scanned by the ATM and go into the clearing process to be credited into a customer’s accounts.

Minz said the rapid rise of online banking meant banks needed to take a fresh look at the role of their branches.

“Digital technologies are transforming the role of bank branches today.

“People can increasingly carry out transactions on line, so branches are becoming places where people go for advice and to talk face-to-face about more complex needs,” he said.

“In our Robina branch we have created an environment that feels very different to the traditional bank branch.

“We’re combining our traditional people-focussed service approach with the latest technology and a customer-centred design to provide a better overall service.

“Heritage is a modern, progressive bank which moves with the times and that’s reflected in the way we’ve designed everything about our new flagship branch at Robina.”

Minz said the addition of a library showed how Heritage was adapting its branches not just to changing technology but also to the changing needs of its customers.

“We can definitely look after the financial side of building a new home, or renovating, or booking a holiday.

“But that’s only part of what people need when they are making these decisions.

“Our library will provide books and other resources that they can take home with them to help make their dreams come true. It’s all about providing a complete service for our customers.”

Heritage will use the Robina Branch as a pilot for the new approach to branch design and will roll out the lessons learnt as other branches are opened or upgraded in future. 

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