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ICICI upgrades mobile banking app, offers over 100 services

ICICI upgrades mobile banking app, offers over 100 services

(10 July 2015 – India) ICICI Bank has upgraded its mobile banking app iMobile by taking the total number of services that the users can avail of to over 100, the most by any Indian bank.

The first-of-its-kind offerings enable customers to enjoy the convenience of dual login, connect with the Bank’s call centre from within the app without any further authentication, withdraw cash from an ATM without using a card, tag frequent transactions as favourites, view integrated details of all accounts in the app itself as well as receive alerts from Google Now.

The upgraded iMobile also comes with best-in-class security features.

Rajiv Sabharwal, executive director, ICICI Bank said; “At ICICI Bank, we believe in investing in innovative technology much ahead of its time.

“In line with this philosophy, we introduced the country’s first mobile banking app in 2008.

“Every year, since then, the number of people using our mobile banking platform has doubled.

“Today, close to 60 percent of our transactions are carried out on internet and mobile banking channels.

“With India at the forefront of mobile phone growth in the world, it has been our strategy to offer a world-class, industry leading and consistently path breaking customer experience to our valued customers.”

Sabharwal said the all-new-iMobile is a result of long and extensive research and has evolved into a seamless interface which comprehensively addresses every banking need of the customer.

The industry first features of the iMobile include convenient choice of login; customers can now choose the type of login they would want to use for iMobile app.

They can either use a PIN based access or use their existing internet banking user id and password.

An integrated view allows iMobile customers to link and view all their ICICI Bank relationships (accounts/mortgages/cards/PPF) from within the app.

Direct calls to bank’s call centre connects customers directly with the call centre without having to authenticate themselves any further.

Integration with Google Now means customers will get alerts and notifications on the payment due date of their credit card, maturity of their FD among others through Google Now.

Cardless cash withdrawal is also available for customers to send money to anyone in the country, even if the beneficiary does not have a bank account with ICICI.

The beneficiary can then withdraw the money from ICICI Bank ATMs without using a debit card.

Using the iMobile app, customers can create iWish, a flexible and online recurring deposit, as well as make goal payments.

Additionally, customers can also use iMobile to update their passbook, apply for personal loans, auto loans and home loans, access their loan statement, tax certificate, EMI schedule, pay utility bills and instantly blocking a debit or credit card card from the app itself.

Transactions like funding a PPF account, checking PPF statements or checking the recent transactions can also be carried out.

ICICI Bank introduced iMobile, the first banking app in India, in 2008.

Since then, the mobile banking industry has been growing rapidly.

The Bank commands over one-fourth share of the mobile banking industry, in terms of value of transactions in April 2015.

The Bank is also the first to offer banking services on multiple channels of mobile banking including SMS Banking, call, IVR, app and browser.

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