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NZ Fintech SquareOne Pivots Towards SME Banking

NZ Fintech SquareOne Pivots Towards SME Banking

(11 April 2024 – New Zealand) SquareOne has rebranded as Emerge and shifted their focus towards providing cash management and payment services to the New Zealand market.

Emerge founders, Jovan Pavlicevic and Jamie Jermain, reference a “broken landscape” within the New Zealand market where SMEs are underserved by larger banks lacking specific digital capabilities for business owners to manage payments and accounts effectively.

Emerge works with ANZ, which holds its customers funds in trust, with users able to make payments, receive real time spend notifications, or set spend limits on cards all through an Emerge front end. The company holds bold aspirations to one day become a challenger bank in New Zealand, offering mobile banking accounts to business owners and consumers.

“When you look at the rest of the world, we are probably 20 years behind a lot of developed nations in terms of banking and a lot of people find that quite jarring when they arrive in NZ. The SME sector in particular is a massive powerhouse of our economy. We know that we're heading into recessionary times and that SMEs are the backbone of the country and we wanted to do something to support them, to make their lives easier, empower kiwi businesses to help keep things moving” commented Emerge Co-Founder Jovan Pavlicevic.

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