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What Machines Can’t Master: Human Skills to Thrive in the Age of AI – Citi GPS

What Machines Can’t Master: Human Skills to Thrive in the Age of AI – Citi GPS

(7 June 2024 – Global) Which human skills will come to the fore as artificial intelligence (AI) advances? A new Citi GPS report seeks to answer the question that comes up so frequently.

Citi frames the debate around six key problems and potential solutions, building on ten previous Citi reports about how technology, including AI, will impact the future of work.


The skills that will be most important or valuable as AI advances can be broken into three broad categories – a) foundational, b) leadership and managerial skills/attributes, and c) role-specific/technical.


“Looking forward, a strong foundation in philosophy, history, literature, critical and systems thinking, and the natural sciences will lay the groundwork for success in many future endeavours. This has always been the case but will become more important as our lives become increasingly intertwined with AI. These areas of knowledge help us to synthesize and contextualize the output of AI” commented Citi Head of Learning, Cameron Hedric.


“As it relates to core managerial skills, these tend to be durable across a range of professional roles and tend to be better indicators of future success than ‘head knowledge’ alone. Given this one might consider hiring for and cultivating these types of attributes more prominently in the future. As it relates to role-based technical skills, the impact of Generative AI will vary. Fields such as writing, research, data analysis, or programming are being

dramatically impacted, which change the types of skills needed for these roles” Hedric added.

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